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A phenomenal personal trainer can show their students more than one way to get in shape, workout, enjoy food and excel in physical fitness. This can definitely be accomplished without sacrificing everything you love. As a training coach, I still eat gigantic burgers, drink a variety of beverages and indulge in my sweet tooth with some pretty amazing desserts. We want to have it all so we workout hard in support of those fitness goals. Team Reggie K really enjoys spending time with their families while training for our various fitness and bodybuilding competitions while leading active and motivating lives. The secret to our success is in the Reggie K website.

Let's be honest, we all love food! We also want to have the body that demands to be on the cover of a magazine. For decades, It has been a big no no to have fitness and GOOD food go together. Almost as if it is impossible to have a mind blowing physique unless your a personal trainer or know some type of "fitness secret". Weight loss and muscle gain truly go hand in hand when combined with the proper fitness guidance and knowledge. It seems however that the proper knowledge is where most people get lost. With so much incorrect fitness information out there, it makes it really difficult to distinguish right from wrong.

The gargantuan boom in fitness and health has been prevelant and rising in the past five to ten years. Just look around, it 's everywhere. Everyone is going green, more food is being pushed as gluten free and some of the people who rarely step foot in the gym wear outfits that are fitness related. This tells us two things. First, People are developing a better sense of health and wellness. The average person now has good intentions when it comes to living a happier, healthier and more fitness oriented life. As a personal trainer, this is music to my ears. This is the mindset that if executed peoperly will lead to a lifetime of overall great health. Second, this means that everyone has an opinion on what proper nutrition is, what the right training split should be. This combined with endless internet information can be confusing. So what's the right way to go about living better, being stronger and acheiving all of your weight loss and fitness goals?

That's what Reggie is all about. Sure, it would fun to give you all kinds of fun facts about me and my different life experiences that led me into personal training and coaching.

Sometimes it's hard to find a personal trainer that understands your goals and your desire to enjoy life at the same time. Building firm, strong muscle mass while reducing body fat doesn't have to be so difficult if you have the right coach by your side. Healthy nutrition combined with a moderate diet and exercise can produce results. You can achieve that good looking body you deserve.

The United States of America (the greatest country on earth) has many beautiful cities. Some are great places to work while others are great places to live, visit or workout based on various conditions. I'm the kind of guy who wants it all so I live, workout and train clients in the city of Rancho Cucamonga, California. The weather conditions usually allow for a variety of outdoor activities and throughout my site I'll tell you more about them.




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I'll share with you details and various things about what it took to win awards in the Muscle Mania fitness contest. You'll get information about preparing for the toughest bodybuilding competitions to stuffing our face with the juiciest food we can find. Send us your bodybuilding stories, personal training memories, good coach / bad coach stories too. You can send me before and after pictures or just ask questions. I really enjoy getting to know our website visitors.

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